A Night at the Carnivale
Out of Africa
An Elegant Affair
Around the World
Chicago Blues
Cirque Fantasy
Decades of Dance
Flower Power
For the Boys
For Your Eyes Only
Grease is the WORD!
Hooray for Hollywood
Kit Kat Dolls
Le Cage Aux Faux
Lullaby of Broadway
Mardi Gras
Miss Lillies Red Garter Review
Monster Bash
Moulin Rouge
Stars ‘n Stripes
Texas Wild
Viva Las Vegas
We are the 80′s


A Journey through Imagination…

The vast area of the convention space provides the excellent opportunity – a blank canvas if you will – to paint and create our ultimate concept and destination!

Then suddenly it happens…

Abstract formations derived from the perimeter décor come to life unveiling the passage before them – beckoning guests to enter the next phase of their adventure. Through a tunnel of swirling lights and patterns, exciting music and rolling fog at their feet…

Your guests will enter this fantastical spectacle of sound, light, fragrance, color and texture.

Is it your imagination or just a dream…